10. Februar 2015

Bank associations to launch first European Money Week in March

  • Special week to help raise awareness on financial education in Europe
  • Europeanmoneyweek.eu brings together national good practices, events, insights
  • Brussels launch event scheduled for Monday 9 March 2015

To help raise awareness on the importance of financial education, the European Banking Federation, together with its members in more than 20 European countries, will organise the first-ever European Money Week from Monday 9 March to Friday 13 March 2015.

The week will be dedicated to financial education across Europe and will see a wide range of events – local and national as well as European – designed to boost public awareness on financial literacy and financial education for young people.

“European Money Week lets us share successful national experiences in financial education in Europe,” said Wim Mijs, Chief Executive of the European Banking Federation. “Many of our members in recent years have developed real expertise in financial education. Their projects can also inspire teachers, parents, bankers and young people in other European countries. More and more studies point to the benefits of educating young people on managing their money. For us it is clear that financial education can make an important contribution to a healthy economy.”

To mark the start of European Money Week in Brussels on 9 March, the EBF is organising a panel debate with leading experts on financial education and literacy. Across Europe, national banking associations will organise their own events, including conferences, lessons in classrooms, bank visits, and educational projects that involve children, teachers, parents and experts. Many national activities are not exclusively linked to European Money Week but also take place throughout the year, especially in countries where financial education is embedded in the school curriculum.

An overview of European Money Week events is available at www.europeanmoneyweek.eu. This dedicated website provides inspiration for anyone interested in financial education in Europe and makes it easy to learn about national good practices in participating countries.  

The EBF has committed itself to establishing European Money Week as a regular, annual fixture on the European calendar and expects that the week will grow and evolve during the coming years. European Money Week is timed to coincide with Global Money Week, which takes place every year during the second week of March and which aims to develop financial awareness worldwide.


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