Stellungnahme DK zum Exposure Draft des IASB zu Änderungen am IAS 1 (Disclosure-Initiative).

3. Juli 2014

As an initial step in its "Disclosure Initiative”, the IASB proposed changes to IAS1. Due to the existing comprehensive reporting requirements we share the view expressed by IASB that there is an urgent need for further improvements and simplifications - specifically concerning reporting requirements and notes disclosures. We, therefore, expressly endorse the IASB initiative.

We hold the view that the proposal to place greater emphasis on the concept of materiality is an important step into the right direction. The proposed changes to IAS1 will allow companies to better reflect the specificities of their (individual) corporate activities when disclosing and presenting information. The presentation requirements for information are specified in greater detail and the decision-usefulness for readers of the financial statements is enhanced.

Furthermore, in the context of its “Disclosure Initiative”, the IASB has already envisaged further steps which shall take place in the near future. At this juncture, in particular the analysis of existing disclosure requirements in individual standards as well as the preparation of a disclosure framework are worth noting. […]

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