Positionierung BdB zu den Vorschlägen des Baseler Ausschusses für Bankenaufsicht zur Kapital- und Liquiditätsausstattung von Banken

28. April 2010

The financial crisis has highlighted shortcomings in the global banking system. Banks have recognised this and independently launched initiatives to address these shortcomings in order to make the system more crisis-resilient. This is documented in detail in, for example, the Institute of International Finance (IIF) report of December 2009.

Nevertheless, we welcome in principle the efforts made by regulators to improve the stability of the international financial services industry. The Basel Committee on Banking Supervision unveiled on 17 December 2009 reform packages for tighter regulation of the banking sector (Basel III): Strengthening the resilience of the banking sector (bcbs 164) and International framework for liquidity risk measurement, standards and monitoring (bcbs 165). The focus of the individual reform packages is on:

• improving the structural quality and quantity of regulatory capital
• improving the capture and coverage of counterparty credit risk
• introducing a leverage ratio
• reducing procyclicity and building up countercyclical capital buffers
• outlining ideas on how to deal with systemic risk and the phenomenon of interconnectedness
• introducing a global standard for measuring and limiting liquidity risk.

In addition, various rules have already been issued by the Basel Committee and are being implemented at European and national level, e.g. tighter capital requirements for trading book positions and (re)securitisations. […]

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