Stellungnahme DK zu "DP/2013/1 A Review of the Conceptual Framework for Financial Reporting."

14. Januar 2014

Just like the IASB, we believe that drafting a Conceptual Framework is an important basis for the future preparation and presentation of financial statements and for developing and revising standards. In this respect, we thus support the efforts by the IASB.

That being said, we see some need to review and clarify certain parts of the Framework which we would like to address below in our replies to the individual questions. In doing so, we have focused on what we consider to be the key aspects of the Framework.

The IASB has drawn up the Framework on the basis of the existing Framework, updating and improving it in order to adapt it to today's accounting practice. Certain issues have been added which were not included in the previous Framework. The IASB has declared its intention to create a conceptual basis for existing standards, meaning there should be no need to adjust them. We would nevertheless suggest conducting an impact assessment before publishing an exposure draft in order to identify any possible discrepancies between the new Framework and individual standards. Should significant discrepancies emerge, the proposals for the revised Conceptual Framework should be adjusted accordingly. […]

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